Are You Running Your Business Like The Eclipse?

Are you getting results from your network marketing business or are you operating like the eclipse?

When we looking for an eclipse, we see there are phases. The process goes from state to state. And once it's gone, it's gone.

The total eclipse will not stop in every state. Some states will only get a slight darkness. Your business is the same way. Some prospects will not get the whole picture. Some will only stop to listen for a moment and some will completely miss it.

It will only last for a short period of time, so to catch it you have to take advantage of going outside and putting on those special glasses.

But wait! You first have to find the glasses. People go on massive hunts looking for these glasses. They go online and shop for these glasses until they find them.

Some people give up on looking for the glasses and they try to find the short cuts to being able to look at the eclipse.

Well some of us operate like the eclipse. We go on a hunt to find the people we want to join us but when we don't find them, we give up.

And when we do find the glasses to look at the eclipse, we wait, and we wait, and we wait for the process. Yes, there is a process to the eclipse.

Then when the eclipse comes, the sky gets really dark. In our network marketing business, we sometimes don't want to wait for the process. But it's inevitable. Eventually the time will come when you will see your total eclipse.

You will have a breakthrough. You will go out on the hunt to find the right people who can see the vision clear. They will partner with you. Just like when the eclipse is coming, they will get excited. And then...the excitement will be short lived.

But even after the eclipse, you will find that some people are still excited. They will go on to talk about that eclipse whenever the opportunity presents itself.

This is how we should be with our network marketing business too. Even long after the excitement, we should still be sharing the opportunity. Even if some people miss the eclipse, they will still want to hear about it. Just because of the excitement.

If you have lost your excitement and want to learn how you don't have to go find people to share more about your opportunity, but the people will find you, take advantage of this 10 day boot camp and learn how to get a total eclipse of your network marketing business. The opportunity for people to join your team will find you. You don't have to go out looking for the people.


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