Why My Facebook Friends don’t want to work with me?

This is so funny. I have learned so much about recruiting over my years of being in business. I realized that my friends on Facebook DO NOT want to work with me. I saw everyone else promoting their business so I just thought it was the right thing to do. I was so crazy to think the people who already know so much about me was going to want to work with me and make money. Who was I to them? I was just this ordinary person that they knew from around the way. According to them, I couldn’t teach them ANYTHING. So they thought. But I didn’t know any better. Sometimes we just don’t know what we don’t know. I mean I even saw people in the industry promoting to their friend list on social media just to recruit them in their business or acquire them as a client.

But as I begin to watch them more and more, I realize they were moving from company to company quite often. Don’t get me wrong, they seemed to be making a lot of money. At least that is the image they were portraying. Then after a while, once they started into a new company, they begin to share stories of how they seemed to have it all together when in fact their homes were in foreclosure and their vehicles were being reposed. I remember looking at their posts very confused. Then I realized that everything is NOT always what it seems. I wanted to work with people who were quite honest but people who were still able to lead me in the right direction and share information with me to help me succeed. Have you ever been here? I remember working with an upline of mine who was doing well and as long as she was doing well, she was so willing to help me. But that moment her income begin to crumble, I was no longer a part of her equation. Have you had this happen to you? Someone helping you as long as their income looks great but the moment they are faced with adversity, they scatter.

I wanted to be in a position where I knew without a shadow of a doubt that I could help someone no matter what my income looks like. I wanted to position myself with a team that even if they are not succeeding, they have put me in a position to where I could succeed with or without them. They could show me what to do and I can show others to do the same. A REAL system that others could duplicate. I went out on the hunt to find such a system because in home based businesses there were just too many industry leaders moving from company to company before I was able to hit my mark. I didn’t have time for that.

Now I am in a position to help others.  I buckled down and begin to learn the process. Hit several positions in different companies. Then finally, I was sponsored by a guy who shared how I can build my online franchise. I have been able to build a large following in a matter of a very short time using social media. The system that was shared with me was so freaking simple that I wanted to share the same system with other people to help them start and grow their online franchise as well. I wanted to help them learn how to sponsor the RIGHT people on their team. Even if I am not around, I wanted others to still be able to succeed with or without me. The system is so freaking simple that anyone could do it. My online franchise system put me in a position to where I no longer have to chase my friends and family, I no longer have to reach out to my own social media friends. I have been able to attract others who are seeking a way to grow their teams and build their business as well. Click here to find out more information about online franchising.

Your FB friends do not want to work with you!


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