Why so many people have QUIT their business!

[emaillocker]I remember when I first started my business from home. It was fun and exciting because someone had just given me hope! I know you probably felt the same way when someone introduced you to the home business industry.

I remember calling all my friends and family with no problem. I knew they would be some of my biggest supporters. But when I ran out of friends and family, I didn’t know what to do next.

I begin to learn about this thing called cold market prospecting. WOW!! That was a new one for me in the midst of all the fun I was supposed to be having. I was told that I had to go out and talk to complete strangers. I didn’t know how to do that! What was I going to say? These people are going to think I must have lost my mind out here asking them for their contact information. At least this is a thought that was running through my head.

But then I decided to listen to my coach and I begin the cold market prospecting experience. I was doing quite well for starters. My goal was to make sure that I had customers and someone that I could talk to about partnering with my team. And that is what I was determined to do. TALK TO EVERYBODY!

Okay to be more precise, talk to at least 10 people a day. Exposure is everything!

I know this is exactly what your upline is telling you to do. Oh…and build that list of 100 friends and family, RIGHT? I know because I been there and done that.

I was getting to a burn out stage and I wanted to throw in the towel and QUIT! I know at some point you must have felt the same way or you feel that way right now. But deep down inside you really didn’t want to quit.

I know there were times when you sat out on the sidelines for a while trying to regroup and think of new strategies. After all of the investing and keeping the products on the shelf enough was enough, RIGHT? I WAS DONE!

I begin my new process of getting back into the business. I knew this had to work. I knew there was a way that I could work my business without having to always chase people.

But I knew there were people out there who were just like me. People who were ready to take this bull by the horn without having to run people down.

When you are in a position to where you are always having to chase people, then you are now needing them more than they need you. Wouldn’t you agree that people need what you have more than you need them to join you?

There are people out there just like you and I. People who are ready to continue working a home based business but they are on the verge of quitting. They have had enough! They don’t know what to do next or who to turn to. They have done EVERYTHING that their upline has asked them to do. They have made the list of 100, they have prospected the cold market by beating the streets early and walking the malls and department stores just to find someone to strike up a conversation with.

I KNOW…I BEEN THERE..!!! Having to go through all the people telling you NO just to get to that ONE yes of the day. A whole day has gone by and just ONE yes.

I know you have had your upline tell you to “go for no” too, RIGHT! I know because I BEEN THERE AND DONE THAT TOO!! It’s so funny how I know what you are going through. It seems that we are all told the exact same thing.

I knew there was something DIFFERENT out there to where I didn’t have to keep doing the same thing over and over again but yet I could get results.

I was able to get away from chasing my friends and family. I was able to get away from the cold market. I was able to get away from all of the gibberish that I have been taught in Network Marketing. I had to go out on a limb and find out for myself how to STOP CHASING prospects and have prospects coming to me to help them learn how they too can stop chasing their friends and family.

I AM TELLING YOU I WANTED TO QUIT!! But help came just in the nick of time. I was ready to throw in the towel. So many people have already given up before they were able to find the system that I was able to find. With 21 Century technology, why is your upline still telling you to do things the antiquated way. Even grandmas have moved to technology. So why haven’t your upline shared with you how to move from the streets to the internet?

I KNOW FOR A FACT YOUR UPLINE IS USING THE INTERNET TO BUILD THEIR BUSINESS. I learned that they don’t share this information with their down-line because they probably think that the system isn’t able to be duplicated.

I BET YOU HAVE HEARD THAT TOO, HAVEN’T YOU? Follow the system because it can be duplicated. Well if the system you are duplicating isn’t getting you the SAME results they are getting, wouldn’t that tell you that they are doing something that you may not be doing?

THAT IS USING THE INTERNET TO BUILD THEIR BUSINESS! I am going to share with you a system that I have found to help me grow in any business that I want. WHY? Because if you can learn the power of personal development then you will have staying power and will think twice before you decide to quit.


Click this link to learn how I got over the urge to QUIT and started working smarter and not harder. I STOP chasing people and learned how to attract people who were wanting to get away from the frustration of building a home based business. I took my business from an offline concept to an online concept to keep up with the trends of 21st Century.


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