Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is Professional Coaching Right For You?

If you are in any business and have not sought out a mentor, then having a Professional Skills and Personal Development Coach is the BEST decision you can make for your business TODAY! Having a coach can help decrease the amount of time it takes to get your business where you desire it to be.

What exactly is Professional Skills and Personal Development Coaching?

Professional Skills and Personal Development Coaching is to help you unleash your greatest potential to improve on specific aspects as a leader within your company.

How Will You Help Me As My Coach?

As your coach, I help you with your "blind spots" as well as other areas to help you with your vision through encouragement and empowerment. I will help you reveal what you could potentially miss without a coach helping to assess your goals and desires of your business.

What If I Am Not Ready?

No worries. We move at your pace. However, YOU MUST MOVE. If you find that at any time you are not ready to take the next steps given during your coaching session, we can revisit previous tasks. I believe in you enjoying your process to enjoy the journey of developing your business.

What Are Some Topics We Will Discuss?

You are the driving force of your business. I believe in helping you with your fullest potential. I operate from the needs of YOUR business. My suggestions is advice to you based on what YOU tell me you want for yourself and your business. I work with YOU on helping to make sure your business is a success.

How Long Have You Been Coaching?

I have over 27 years of Professional Skills and Personal Development Training and experienced Business Educator. I have worked in many industries as a leader such as: Home Based Business, Corporate America, Financial Services and Education. I have been training teams for over two decades.

Is This The Right Fit For Me?

I am not sure until we have established a working relationship. I have worked with people from all backgrounds.

How Long Are The Coaching Sessions?

Each session varies based on the coaching session and plan that is established. There is an introductory session that lasts for approximately 1 hour. Other sessions can last from 2-8 hours depending on which coaching session you choose.

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