STOP Chasing Money!

I remember when I first started in the industry of network marketing, we were told to build a list of 100. On that list we were to have all the people we could think of in our phones on this list. Particularly our friends and family. I remember first starting in the industry, I would call everyone I could think of without hesitation. After a few people telling me “no”, I would begin to think like “WELL, something must be wrong with them. They just don’t get it.”

Have you ever felt that way? After partnering with multiple companies in the industry, I realized that it was them. I had found something new and exciting that can change their financial trajectory and they didn’t want to listen. How dare them! And after a while, I became a part of the NFL club. Are you in that club right about now? No Friends and Family Left? I knew there was a way to share this industry with people who understood what I just learned. There had to be other people out there like me. People who wanted more out of life. People whose dreams and goals were dusted off and brought back to life. After calling my friends and family over and over again, I begin to feel like I was chasing money and never catching it. Do you feel this way at times? I completely understand.

I begin to go out on a hunt to find a better way. I wanted to work with people who wanted to work with me. People who were out there looking for a better way. And then I came across how I am able to build a business online. I begin to learn more and more about how people would seek me out and ask to work with me. When I learned about this system, it made all the more sense how money could chase me and I no longer chase money. All I wanted to do was share with others how they too can get out of the rat race. How they can build leverage. I begin a search for how I was able to help others do the same. That’s when I found the “Millionaire Mentor Alliance”

Stop Chasing Money!

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